3 Reasons To Offer Customizable Alarm Systems To Your Clients

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If you're a licensed alarm system installer, you likely deal with clients who have a wide range of different security needs. While many people outside the security industry may believe that all residential security systems are relatively similar, those who work with these systems know homeowner requirements can vary substantially based on home size, neighborhood, budget, and more.

However, manufacturers now offer systems with many interchangeable accessories and endless expandability. Offering these systems to your clients can substantially improve the value of your service while attracting more customers with a broader set of needs and budgets. If you're not currently offering customizable alarm packages, here are three reasons you may want to start.

1. Lower Pressure Sales

It's no secret that customers tend to dislike upselling. While it's a necessary part of any sales-oriented industry, it can make some customers feel pressured and even more likely to turn down a sale altogether. With full-package alarm systems, some clients may feel they're purchasing more than they need and are less likely to agree to a sale.

Customizable systems allow you to offer a lower-pressure sales environment, removing certain accessories or optional add-ons so that you can tailor an alarm system to a client's expectations. At the other end of the scale, this flexibility allows you to offer additional accessories to clients looking to beef up their home's security even more.

2. Expandability and Repeat Customers

Customizable and expandable systems can often benefit long-term sales and help you build repeat customers. Some clients may want to start with a basic package with a few door/window sensors and basic smart home integration features. However, once they get used to the system, they may be interested in adding extra security and home automation equipment.

This expandability allows you to offer these upgrades in the future without pressuring your clients. Water leak detectors, doorbell cameras, additional door and window sensors, and more are all upgrades that many people may not realize they can use until they've already spent some time with a basic alarm system installed in their home.

3. Better Differentiation

It can often be challenging for alarm system installers to differentiate from their competitors, especially when offering similar products or brands. Customizable systems with many accessories and add-ons allow you to offer unique packages above and beyond the typical starter kits or upgrades. As a result, you can differentiate yourself from other installers through your unique equipment selections.

Home alarm systems aren't a one-size-fits-all equipment category. Using equipment from a brand that offers a high degree of customization and expandability offers many benefits, which you can ultimately pass on to your customers.

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22 November 2022

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