Household Staffing: Tips For The Hiring Process

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Hiring housing staff is an excellent way for your clients to receive the full benefits from the service they choose, allowing their everyday lives to run as smoothly as possible. Whether your clients need help with their children or have trouble finding proper transportation, your company can offer these services to fulfill their needs. Read on for three positions that clients are in great demand for and what qualities to look for in the hiring process. 


When it comes to staffing nannies for your client's children, only the best will do. Clients will want someone with a strong background in childcare experience, preferably for their specific child's age group. Infant care, for instance, can be demanding in a myriad of ways that is different than looking after a toddler. For this reason, ensure that your staff will be a good fit for your clients by placing them with someone who has the proper credentials and relevant work history. A warm, patient, and engaging personality with a professional work attitude will also go far in this position, so be sure to look for someone who has these qualities. 

Private Chefs

Hiring a private chef is a great way to save time in the kitchen and enjoy top-quality meals that are both nutritious and delicious. Who wouldn't want a private chef? When looking to fill this position within your company, look for chefs who have experience cooking a variety of cuisines rather than only specializing in one area of food preparation. Ensure that your client's needs are thoroughly understood by chefs, including specific diet requirements, preferences, and food allergies. Great organizational skills and time management will also be areas to focus on during the hiring process for this position, ensuring that your clients are met with their requests in a timely manner. 


A chauffeur offers your clients an invaluable service that allows them to easily get to where they need to be. Perfect for those who may be unable to drive on their own or who have busy business schedules to adhere to, a hired driver will guarantee their needs are met on time, every time. A safe driving record is, of course, of utmost importance when it comes to hiring drivers for your clients. A positive attitude and close attention to detail will also go far when your drivers interact with clients. Paying close attention to directions and pickup instructions, for example, will be essential for your clients to receive the best service possible. 

Keep these household staffing tips in mind when looking for a service.


25 July 2022

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