3 Types Of Plugins To Use With Your 3D Modeling Platform

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If you use a 3D modeling platform for work, such as SketchUp, you will want to have the right rendering plugins in place that will allow you to create functional 3D models that assist you with your work. Here are a few suggestions of plugins to add to your 3D modeling software platform so that you can get the best possible results.  

1. Photorealism Plugin 

When you create a model of something, such as a home or building, you want to create something that looks and feels as real as possible. That is not always possible with just a basic 3D modeling program, which is why you are going to want to look for a photorealism plugin that you can use to add to the realism of your design.  

When looking for a photorealism plugin, you will want to look for one that adds realistic-looking materials to the program, such as realistic vegetation. You will want to look for a program where you can adjust the brightness, temperature, and tone of the lighting without having to re-render the design each time.  

You will want to look for a plugin that allows you to apply effects such as a sun and sky system and aperture diffraction. The addition of an orthographic camera can also assist with the design process.  

A photorealism plugin for your modeling software can take images to the next level and make them feel and be more alive.  

2. Interactive Tours Plug-In 

Creating a 3D model can be a great way to show a client what your design would look like in real life. The process of sharing your design with a client can be made even easier by adding a plugin to your modeling software that allows you to take a client on an interactive virtual tour that allows for 360-degree panoramas.  

With an interactive tour, you will be able to allow clients to fully imagine what your designs will look like in real life, which can help you get your clients on board with your ideas.  

3. Ray Tracing Plug-in 

Another type of plugin to consider is one that allows for ray tracing. With ray tracing, you can create some of the most realistic lighting effects possible with your designs. Ray tracing is made by tracking what happens to every ray of light produced by a lighting source.  

Ray tracing is a technique used to make CGI scenes look more realistic in movies and is a technique that you can use to make your designs feel more natural instead of a 3D modeling program. 

If you want to take your building designs to the next level, look for a photorealism plugin, a ray-tracing plugin, and an interactive tours plugin to use with your 3D modeling software. These plugins will increase the realism of your designs and help you with client relationships. 


22 February 2022

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