Wastewater Treatments: Can You Treat The Water For Your Boilers?

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If you use a boiler feed system in your business or factory, you want to purify or clean the feedwater and makeup water as much as possible. Contaminated feedwater and makeup water can cause corrosion, foaming, and even scaling inside your equipment. Learn how contaminated feedwater and makeup water damage your boilers and how you can treat both types of water below.

How Damaging Is Contaminated Water?

Many companies rely on feedwater and makeup water to operate their boilers. However, contaminants can build up inside your feedwater systems or makeup water supply tanks over time. Contaminated feedwater can seriously damage your boilers and the equipment connected to them.

Corrosion, or the breakdown of metal exposed to oxygen, corrosive minerals, and other substances, is one of the problems boilers can experience due to contaminated feedwater. Corrosion can cause pitting and a number of other structural problems for your boilers. The structural problems can be local or widespread, depending on much corrosion occurs in your boilers.

Along with corrosion, scaling and foaming may also occur in your boilers. Scaling and foaming occur when minerals build up inside your boilers. If pieces of minerals break off inside your boilers, they can jam or clog them. You can prevent corrosion, foaming, and scaling from damaging your boilers by treating your water systems.

How Do You Clean Your Water?

The first thing to do is contact a wastewater treatment company online or near your facility. A company can assess the contents of your water systems for you, including the wastewater (or makeup water) inside your cooling towers and tanks. If a company finds large quantities of minerals, bacteria, and other substances in your water supplies, they can set up a cleaning solution for you.

The water cleaning solutions you need for your boiler water may include:

  • Deaeration to remove excessive oxygen
  • Chemical treatment to remove minerals
  • Filtration to remove impurities and other organic matter

You may also need to add a wastewater filtering system in your building. The system filters out substances before they enter your feedwater or makeup water containers and tanks. You can discuss the best types of water filtering systems with a company during or after your assessment.

Learn how you can clean your boiler feedwater, makeup water systems, and wastewater treatment systems by contacting a provider today. They'll let you know more benefits and help with any concerns you might have.


22 December 2021

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