Buying A Firearm That Is Right For Your Needs

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If you are considering buying a gun, the one you purchase needs to be suitable for your specific needs. A handgun for protection, a shotgun for home defense, or a hunting rifle may all be on your list of things to check out, and the best place to start looking is the local gun shop.

Handgun Options

If you are considering a handgun for protection or range shooting, finding the right gun starts with a trip to the gun store. The size and shape of the handgun that is best for you can be best discovered by handling several different firearms to find one that feels good in your hand. 

If you are interested in a gun in a specific caliber, like a 9mm or a 45 caliber, the associate at the gun shop can show you several different firearms that are chambered for those calibers and have different size frames. The varying frame sizes make it easier to find the one that fits your hand and get the caliber you want for your gun. 

Keep in mind that a smaller framed handgun may hold fewer cartridges. If you are planning on carrying the gun for protection, you may want to consider buying a second magazine to carry more gun ammo with you when you are carrying the firearm.

Home Defense Options

If you are looking for a firearm for home defense, a handgun is an option, but a better option might be a bullpup shotgun that allows you to move in close quarters and fires buckshot or home defense rounds. When loaded with reduced power 00 buckshot, the round is powerful enough to take down an intruder but will not penetrate walls in the home. 

A bullpup shotgun is short and easy to handle so you can move around inside the house if you suspect someone is inside, keeping the muzzle low and ready in case you need to fire the gun. Your local gun shop can show you guns like this from many different gun makers and may have a recommendation about the best one if they had had the opportunity to fire the weapons on a range.

New Or Used

Most gun shops sell new and used firearms, so you can choose one that will fit your budget best. Keep in mind, new guns will come with a warranty, and used ones most likely will not, so if you are not familiar with firearms, you may want to pay a bit more to get a new gun. 

An experienced gun owner may be better able to look over a used firearm and determine the condition, and any reputable shop should not be selling anything that is not in good shape. Talk to the shop owner, and they can help you determine what the best option is for you.


20 August 2021

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