The Advantages Of Reusable Face Shields

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The coronavirus pandemic has changed the way Americans live their lives. These days, in spite of a vaccine being released, it is still common for people to wear masks, practice social distancing, and take other steps to protect themselves against the virus. One option that has also become popular for self-protection is the face shield. Face shields offer some unique benefits that the general population should be aware of.

Eye Protection

One nice thing about face shields is that, unlike standard masks, they don't just protect the mouth and nose from exposure to the coronavirus. They also protect the eyes. While the virus may not enter the eyes as easily as it enters the mouth and nose, transmission via the eyes is still thought to be possible. Thus, covering the eyes with a face shield can offer increased protection. This may be especially true if a quality facial shield is used in conjunction with a mask.

Increased Comfort

In addition to offering additional protection, many people feel that face shields are more comfortable to wear than face masks. They don't produce the hot, stuffy feeling that a facial mask can create. Thus, this makes face shields easier to wear while doing strenuous activities, such as jogging or other forms of exercise. Furthermore, when comfort is increased, people are more likely to wear the protective item, which could cut down on virus transmission rates by encouraging people to keep their protective gear on at all times.


As effective as masks can be, they are not perfect. In fact, it's common for them to slip down under the nose. Many people also intentionally wear them incorrectly in order to try and improve comfort. These issues do not exist with face shields. They stay firmly in place with no slipping or other problems. And, because they are easier to wear correctly, many people feel that they actually provide better, more constant protection than a mask.


Seeing people's faces is often helpful for communication, especially for those who read lips or have hearing impairments. For these individuals, facial shields can be incredibly beneficial since they allow the face to remain visible while still providing protection.

Those who wear glasses often report that wearing a mask causes their glasses to fog, but this is not an issue with face shields. Thus, whether the wearer wants to see, be seen, or both, facial shields can help greatly.

Ultimately, everyone should follow the guidelines and regulations for COVID-19 protection in their specific areas. However, when allowed or when combined with other effective methods of protection, face shields can be a great asset. Thus, all individuals are encouraged to further explore and consider this option. For more information, contact a company like Amdrecor.


11 June 2021

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