Guide to Window Replacements

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A window replacement is a big project. You have the option of going with what you have always had, or potentially changing the whole look and feel of your home, both inside and outside, by making some strategic choices. In short, if you are going to change your windows, it is an exciting time for new possibilities. Read on to learn more.

The Big Decision — Radical Change or Replacement

First, you have to decide if you want to keep the same size and style or change the size, the style, or both. Consider that changing the style is going to be less expensive than changing the size (or shape) of your windows. One involves more minor adjustments to fit the window in place; the other involves cutting new spaces through your exterior walls to make room for the new windows.

Windows Styles

If you want to go for a different style, then it comes down to aesthetics and cost. There are some basic types of windows you should consider, including:

  • Double-Hung Windows - These are windows where both the top and the bottom can open, giving you the option to circulate air through the house. Some also allow you to tilt window sashes inwards for a partial opening.
  • Single-Hung Windows - These windows only allow you to raise and lower the lower sash.
  • Sliding Windows - With a sliding window, you move the window side-to-side to open and close it, moving the window along a track.
  • Rectangular Accent Windows - These windows are for design but don't open and close.
  • Non-Rectangular Accent Windows - These windows offer more customized shapes and designs. If you are replacing a non-standard accent window, you may have to have the new one custom-made to fit your existing opening.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason for replacing your windows is to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Older homes with original windows may have a single pane setup. Even if they have double pane windows, the seal may have degraded over time, making it so you basically have two panes of glass with less of the energy savings benefit. Of course, if you have a crack in either a single or double pane window, your heat or cool air will leak out meaning that it is time for a replacement.

You have many options when you decide to replace your windows. By far the most exciting (and expensive) is to completely revamp the look of your home. If that isn't your goal, then there are some great options to improve your home's energy efficiency while using the same window size as the originals. To learn more, contact a window replacement service.


30 April 2021

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