Tips For Using CBD Tinctures

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One common way to use CBD is by taking a tincture. This is essentially a solution of CBD dissolved in an alcohol base. You take CBD tincture orally, but simply swallowing it isn't exactly the most efficient way to enjoy its benefits. Instead, you should follow these tips for more effective use.

Place it beneath your tongue.

Under your tongue, there are blood vessels that are very close to the surface. If you apply CBD tincture to these blood vessels, the CBD will be absorbed directly into them. This is a faster way to get the effects of CBD tincture versus simply swallowing it. So, the best way to use CBD tincture is to put it beneath your tongue. Make sure you look carefully at the dropper to make sure you have the right amount of CBD tincture in it before you put it under your tongue. You won't be able to tell how many drops you're using as easily as you're able to tell how many drops you've put further back in your mouth.

Most recommend holding the CBD tincture under your tongue for either 30 seconds or a minute before swallowing. Go for a full minute if you can manage.

If you've been swallowing it, cut back on the amount you're using once you start holding it under your tongue.

You may need less CBD tincture when you use it in this way. So, start by cutting your dose in half. If you've been putting a whole dropper in your mouth and swallowing, start using only half a dropper. See how that affects you. Within 10 or 15 minutes, you should be feeling the full effects. If you are not getting the full effects you desire, then increase the dose a little more.

Don't take it after eating something fatty.

If you eat something fatty, make sure you rinse your mouth out well before taking your CBD tincture. Consider eating something carbohydrate-heavy, like bread, to get some of the fat off the surface of your oral tissues. Your blood vessels will not be able to absorb the CBD well if you have a coating of fat under your tongue.

If you use CBD tincture as recommended above, you will get more out of using this product. It may take you a few tries to get the dosing correct, but when you do, you'll know it. Ask a professional for more tips on using CBD tinctures


23 April 2021

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