How To Make Sure Your Army Rank Patches Look Great On Your Uniform

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If you are a service member, then chances are good that you have army rank patches sewn onto your uniform. If not, you might be planning on moving up in the ranks soon and adding these patches then. Keeping your army patches looking great and ensuring that your uniform looks its best are likely important to you. If you follow these tips, you can achieve this goal.

Buy the Right Patches

Your first step to success in making your army rank patches look good on your uniform is to make sure that you buy the right patches. Buy from a reputable supplier, and make sure that your patches are well-made and authentic.

Have Them Sewn On Professionally

You might be thinking about sewing your own patches onto your uniform, since you might assume that it will be easy to do, and you might be hoping to save a little money instead of hiring someone to do it. However, hiring a professional to add your patches can be well worth the money. It isn't usually expensive, and it's a good way to make sure that your patches are nice and straight and that there aren't any unsightly threads or seams. This is also a good way to make sure that your patches are properly attached so that they will stay in place in the long run, even when you wear and wash your uniform regularly.

Be Careful About How You Wash Your Uniform

It's important to be careful about how you wash your uniform. This is important both so that you can prevent damage to your uniform itself and so that you can keep your patches and insignia looking good. Typically, you should wash your uniform in cool or cold water on a gentle cycle to help prevent damage to your patches or your uniform.

Know When It's Time to Replace Them

Your army rank patches should look good and last for a long time without tearing, fading, or otherwise being damaged after being sewn onto your uniform. However, if you have been in the military for a while, you might have found that some of your patches are starting to show their age. One good way to freshen up your uniform in this situation is to simply purchase new patches. Then, you can have your old patches carefully removed by someone with sewing experience, and you can have them replaced. This can make your uniform look as good as new.

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29 January 2021

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