3 Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Water Softener

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If you have a water softener and want it to continue improving the quality of your water, you need to take good care of it. You need to regularly check the salt levels, use high-quality salt, and clean the brine tank.

1. Regularly Check The Salt Level

One thing that you should be doing is checking the salt levels in your tank, so check it regularly. Take off the brine lid on the tank and check to see if the salt is covered in water and is wet. If the salt is dry or the water isn't covering it up anymore, you will want to add some salt. Be sure to add the right type of salt that is suggested for your particular softener.

If your water softener is over a decade old, you will want to be a little more vigilant with checking the salt levels.

2. Use High-Quality Salt

When you refill your water softener, you want to make sure you are using high-quality salt. You are not putting table salt into your water softener. You should be using evaporated salt pellets as they tend to not clog up your system and can last the longest out of all the salt products you can use.

The one type of salt you should consider avoiding is block salt, as the shape and nature of it does not work well with most systems.

3. Clean The Brine Tank

Once or twice a year, let the salt level get low. This will allow you to clean the brine tank, which is where the salt is stored. To clean the tank, use a measuring cup or ladle to scoop out the remaining salt. If there is any sludge stuck to the bottom, you can gently poke at it to free it up.

Once you have as much salt as possible out of the tank, you can use regular detergent, some water, and a brush to clean the tank. Then, rinse the tank out to get rid of the soap and dirty water. After that, refill it up to the fill level with salt and then allow the tank to refill with water.

You can take care of your water softener on your own, or you can have a business that takes care of water softeners systems come out and service it a couple of times a year. A professional can also clean out the resin tank when necessary. Contact a water softener system service for more information. 


14 October 2020

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