3 Keys To Effective Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

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Even though motors and pumps get a lot of respected attention as mechanical components of equipment, hydraulic cylinders are just about as heavily relied on. Unlike motors and some types of pumps, hydraulic cylinders tend to have a simplistic build in spite of the sheer amount of function that they can provide. If you have a bad hydraulic cylinder in a piece of equipment, you will be pleased to know the simplistic build of these units means they are also simple to rebuild and repair. Nevertheless, a few simple pointers can mean everything to the success of a hydraulic cylinder repair project. 

1. Always closely inspect cylinder components as you disassemble parts. 

The hydraulic cylinder has a series of seals and gaskets that have to be pulled off when you disassemble the unit. Rod seals and piston seals, for example, may have to be periodically replaced to prevent leakage. As you are dissecting the unit and pull off the different pieces, examine each closely for: 

  • Signs of deterioration
  • Warping or irreversible twists
  • Breakage or chips in uniform edges 

Examining parts as you break down the cylinder yields insight into what needs to be replaced for proper function after reassembly. 

2. Replace the piston if it has severe scarring. 

The piston is contained within the cylinder barrel, and as it moves back and forth, it can sustain some scuffs and scratches. A little scarring is perfectly normal and will not necessarily affect the function of the hydraulic cylinder. However, if you notice deep cuts, scuffs, or scratches, it is best to either have the piston replaced or resurfaced. These pistons can be crafted out of everything from dense and heavy cast iron to lightweight aluminum alloys, which means some can simply be resurfaced while others may have to be replaced. 

3. Know your limitations where knowledge and tools are concerned. 

Hydraulic cylinders may be relatively simple in form, but if you do not have the right tools or any experience to tackle a rebuild or repair, it can be best to talk to a hydraulic service professional for help. The cylinders can usually be repaired, but if you cause damage while attempting repairs, these components can also be some of the most expensive to have to fully replace. If you don't feel confident in doing hydraulic repairs on your own, you may save yourself time and money by trusting someone who is well-experienced instead. 

Contact a hydraulic cylinder repair technician to learn more.


14 October 2020

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