Helpful Services Offered By Professional Roofing Contractors

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It's no secret that a roofing contractor is valuable to homeowners. However, these professionals may offer far more than what the average homeowner realizes. 

1. Get your gutters cleaned and gutter guards installed. 

Even though the gutters are rarely considered as such, they are actually an important part of the roofing system. If you need your gutters cleaned, reach out to a local roofing contractor. There is a high likelihood they can help you with the issue. Many roofing contractors even install gutter guards, which can help keep your gutters cleaned and your roofing materials protected in the process. 

2. Get help when you have birds nesting around the roof. 

Birds will often nest in small areas around the roof. For example, you may have issues with birds slipping in through tiny cracks around the eaves and building nests inside the small space between the outer eave and the interior wall. Roofers can help you get rid of this issue by closing off any small entry points so the areas look much less attractive to birds. 

3. Get professional advice about chimney problems. 

Maybe you have an older chimney that is constantly allowing water in. Perhaps you have a chimney that needs a new cap. These are issues that most roofing contractors can take care of for you. Whether it's installing a new cap on your chimney or installing new metal flashing and sealers around the base, these are things professional roofers know how to handle. 

4. Get assistance with installing a green roof. 

A green roof is a unique type of covering for a structure that involves using substrate and vegetation to handle water. These roofs are highly efficient and good for the environment, and many roofing contractors do know how to install them. If you have a small garage or outbuilding that you would like outfitted with a green roof, try reaching out to a roofer in your area who can help bring that idea to fruition. 

5. Get expert advice on protecting your roof from the elements. 

The roof is an expensive investment, but it is also a form of insurance for your home's protection. Therefore, protecting it properly in certain environmental conditions is a major concern among homeowners. If you are concerned about your roofing materials breaking down faster than they should, contact a roofing contractor to come out and take a look. They may be able to implement protective measures that can help deter roof damage due to the sun, wind, rain, or ice. 

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13 July 2020

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