Tips For Organizing And Using A Small Storage Unit

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If you live in a studio apartment or share a home with roommates, you don't have much space for storing seasonal belongings and other things. Renting a storage unit could be a good idea, but you don't necessarily have to rent a large unit. Storage units come in different sizes, and a small one that's the size of a large closet may be all you need if you organize it well. Here are some tips for organizing a small storage unit.

Start By Putting Pallets On The Floor

It's important to keep things dry in storage so your clothes and other belongings don't develop a musty odor. Boxes placed directly on a concrete floor can get damp and develop mildew. If you plan to store things in boxes or totes, consider putting pallets down first for protection.

Use Shelving Units For Organization

Since a small storage unit is about the size of a big closet, consider organizing the space like a closet, especially if you'll be storing clothing. Bring in wire shelves to place along the walls for storing folded clothes and blankets. Place a bar between two shelves for hanging clothing. You can also consider buying wardrobe boxes so you can hang clothes inside a box that protects the fabrics from dust and bugs.

Think About Easy Access

Try not to cram your storage unit so full that you can't reach anything when you need it. When your storage unit is well organized, you'll know where everything is and you'll be able to find it easily. Leave an aisle open in the center and stack totes or put shelves against the walls so you don't have to pull out boxes to get to something in the back. The easier your storage unit is to use, the more you'll appreciate it and use it to get your money's worth.

Protect Items From Dust, Bugs, And Odors

The only difference between a small storage unit and a closet in your home is that you probably won't be visiting your storage unit as often. This gives time for dust to settle on your things, and bugs and odors may invade the space too. You can cover your belongings with sheets to protect them from dust, and seal things in totes that might attract bugs. Don't put anything in storage that has a strong odor that could spread.

Consider putting bug traps or sprinkling bug powder around to kill bugs that might wander in. You might also want to add something that absorbs odors, such as cedar chips or charcoal, so that whenever you grab something from your storage unit, it is clean, smells fresh, and is ready to use.

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24 April 2020

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