Common Issues With Vintage Guitars

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Perhaps you have been toting around a vintage guitar since you were a kid, or maybe you have inherited one from a family member. These old instruments sure have their charm, but they can also be easily damaged. If you have one of these retro instruments in your collection, there is a possibility that it will develop certain types of damage. Here is a look at some of the most common issues with vintage guitars. 

The pickguard is curling up around the edges. 

The pickguard is a plastic or thin wooden piece that is mounted right in behind the primary strumming area on the guitar, and its intended purpose is to protect that area of the guitar from scratches. Unfortunately, it is common for this guard to start curling around the edges on some older guitars, especially those that have wooden guards that are glued in place. If the pickguard is curled, it makes it easy to snag your pick against the edge of it when you are playing, which can cause further damage. Thankfully, this guitar part is easy enough to have repaired or replaced by a vintage guitar repair professional. 

The top of the guitar has a few cracks in the finish. 

Guitars are made out of wood, so they can and will crack with age if they are not kept in the proper environment. For example, an old guitar that has been stored in an attic can be prone to swelling due to high temperatures and humidity and shrinking due to cold weather, which can lead to cracks over time. These cracks can sometimes be mended, depending on where they are located on the guitar. However, if the cracks are pretty severe, you may have to have the full top replaced. 

The neck of the guitar is broken. 

A guitar with a broken neck is never a good thing; it renders the guitar useless and you will not be able to play it. Necks are the thinnest parts of the guitar and the most prone to damage with force. Many people see the neck of their guitar broken if they have children who handle the guitar improperly or the guitar gets stepped on or dropped. Guitar neck replacement is a tedious process because the connecting parts have to be removed, repositioned, and then secured in place once the new neck is put on. A certified vintage guitar repair professional can help you with this kind of damage. 


24 October 2019

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