Should You Use Photogrammetry For Your Next Survey?

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Photogrammetry may be an older technology, but it's still one of the best choices for aerial imagery acquisition. While new technologies such as LiDAR have started to dominate the market, there are some situations in which photogrammetry is preferred. Here are a few reasons you should use photogrammetric imaging rather than other options.

You Need Color and Texture

LiDAR and other 3D scanning methods will make a map of terrain, but they won't take photos of the terrain. If you need images that have color and texture, you need photogrammetric imaging. LiDAR is going to show you the depth of the terrain, but it will just be flat and colorless. This is great for computer simulations, but it's not very easy for people to read. Photogrammetry can even add human readable images and text to existing scans. 

You Don't Need to See through Water and Brush

Laser reading options can penetrate through shallow water and also see through thin brush, such as overgrown bushes and shrubs. If you need to see the actual terrain, LiDAR is going to be better. But if you want to see surface-level details, photogrammetry will be just fine. It all depends on the resolution and detail that you need. 

You Need to Cover a Large Area Quickly

Photogrammetric scans are often faster, because they can be taken from planes that are flying quickly over large areas. LiDAR scans are often best done closer to the ground, as they can capture more information that way. Photogrammetric scans are often used for large satellite imagery: the entire world can be scanned in this way. The lower resolution you need, the faster you can complete your scans.

You Don't Need a Lot of Detail

Ultimately, photogrammetry isn't going to provide a lot of detail compared to a LiDAR scan. But there are times when you don't need that much detail. If you're trying to simulate a small lot with computer resources, then you're going to need a LiDAR scan. But if you just want a survey of an entire city, photogrammetry is going to be better. The less detail you need, the better photogrammetry will be for you. 

In short, photogrammetry is the fastest method of creating an aerial image scan, without a lot of detail, but with color and texture. If you don't need complex 3D images, and you just need a human-readable scan, photogrammetry is more than enough.


3 October 2019

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