Are Copy And Print Machines Still Important To Business?

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Paperless has been the buzzword in business circles for some time. There have been many features on why the use of paper in offices will be a thing of the past in a short while. Couple that with innovations such as email and mobile computing devices and it's easy to wonder if copy and printing machines still have a place in business.

However, the paperless evolution is not what many people imagine it is. As it turns out, business copiers may still be a valuable component in your office.

It May Be Required

Depending on which entities your business is dealing with, hard copies might still be a requirement. Many business, organizations and even government agencies are yet to go digital. This means that most interactions with them will require paper.

Many Customers Expect Paper

It's hard to get rid of copiers because many customers still find paper a more convenient medium. For example, if you're collecting feedback from a customer, it's a lot easier to hand them a paper with the right questions already printed out. Printing feedback forms is, in fact, still common in many businesses.

Many People Find Reading on Paper Easier

Digital devices with screens have been associated with increased cases of eye strain. This is why many people find it more comfortable to print out the information they need and read from the paper. Therefore, your own employees may still need a copier around once they're tired of looking at screens.

Information Security

One of the main advantages of the digital revolution is the ease of sharing information. This is great unless you're trying to control the spread of this information. Many companies have had issues of crucial information being leaked to competitors or the public, and the ease with which digital information can be shared has been a major contributor to this.

Printing information on a physical medium such as paper makes it a little bit harder to share the information.

Paper is Reliable

Have you ever tried to show someone something on your phone or computer only to be met with a frozen screen? This is yet another challenge with digital devices which can become slow due to any one of a number of reasons. If you're in an important meeting or in court trying to refer to a document, this would be a disaster. In such situations, it's safer to at least have a paper backup.


26 June 2019

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