Three Places to Land Clients as a Certified Home Inspector

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You have taken the time to get the training you need to become a certified home inspector in your state, and now it is time to start looking at prospective clients. Whether you plan to work on a contract-by-contract basis or as an actual employed inspector, you do have many options to consider. Here are a few of those options. 

Mortgage Companies and Banks 

When a mortgage company or bank that offers mortgage loans offers a loan for a home, they want to know that it will stand good for what money they are lending. If a buyer moves into an uninspected home that has problems, it can make it difficult for the bank to sell the property if it comes back to them during a foreclosure. Therefore, a home inspection is a typical part of the home-buying process, and many home inspectors work specifically with mortgage lenders alone. 

Local Housing and Urban Development Authorities 

The local housing and urban development authorities, which may be operated by city, state, or federal government agencies, usually have to have a home inspector to inspect rental properties. Some of these agencies actually have a home inspector or two on their staff as an in-house inspector for all properties. These agencies tend to oversee things like low-income housing programs, and in order to qualify for funding, the properties have to be inspected to be sure they are up to code. 

Construction Companies 

Home construction companies often hire home inspectors to have their final product inspected just before they place it up for sale on the market. Some construction companies actually employ a full-time inspector that works hand-in-hand with the design team to ensure all codes are followed during the build. Therefore, if you are interested in a job position on a more permanent basis, it may be worth checking with local construction companies. 

Real Estate Agencies

Before a home is listed on the market, it is typical for real estate companies to bring in a home inspector to inspect the property. There are a few reasons these agencies may need a home inspected. For one, inspecting a home helps to identify a proper price range for older homes that may need a lot of repairs. Secondly, knowing what problems exist in a house helps agents avoid problems with prospective customers not being able to obtain financing because of problems that they were not aware of in a house. 


25 March 2019

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