Investing In A New Floor Scrubber

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The cleanliness of your office building can affect your company's success. Dirty and dingy floors can leave a bad impression on customers and employees. An industrial floor scrubber provides you with the tool needed to efficiently and thoroughly clean your floors.

Purchasing a new floor scrubber is a significant financial investment, so you need to ensure you are looking for a model equipped with the features required to meet your janitorial needs.

1. Consider your flooring.

Before you can invest in a new floor scrubber, you need to know the type of flooring that needs to be cleaned. A variety of materials are used to cover the floors in commercial spaces, and each of these flooring varieties has different cleaning needs.

A ceramic tile floor will be able to withstand a more harsh cleaning than a laminate tile floor, so you need to keep flooring type in mind when buying a new floor scrubber. Look for a machine with bristles that are soft enough to prevent damage, but rigid enough to provide a proper clean.

2. Consider the architecture of your building.

The way your building is set up can have a direct impact on the function of a floor scrubber. Before you invest in a new floor scrubber for your office space, take a look at the configuration of your building.

If you have a lot of hallways that will need to be cleaned, then a narrow floor scrubber that is hand-pushed will be most effective. If you have large, open rooms that will require cleaning, then a riding scrubber could reduce the amount of time required to keep your floors clean.

3. Consider the availability of replacement parts.

As you consider the costs involved with purchasing a floor scrubber, you should factor in the cost of repairs. Most janitorial equipment will need to be repaired at some point, and the availability of replacement parts can have a significant impact on repair costs.

Selecting a new floor scrubber that was made by a reputable manufacturer ensures that the machine will perform properly and that replacement parts will be readily available whenever repairs are needed.

Investing in the right janitorial equipment can help you improve the quality and efficiency of your janitorial services. Purchasing a floor scrubber that will accommodate your commercial flooring, the architectural design of your building, and your repair budget will help you keep your office space conveniently clean in the future.


1 March 2018

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