Educate Technicians Who You Are Employed At The Appliance Repair Shop That You Own

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If you own an appliance repair shop and are going to be training new technicians about the appliance models that are serviced and the steps necessary to restore a machine to its original condition, the tips below will help you educate your employees in a clear and concise manner:

Hold Informal Demonstrations

If you currently have a few appliances on hand that are in need of minor repairs, move the appliances into an empty room and gather up tools that are needed to inspect and repair the machines. Notify your staff members that you will be offering informal demonstrations that will teach your employees how to troubleshoot minor problems, remove parts that are damaged, and replace items.

During the demonstrations, take your time to look over each machine and discuss the problems that you have discovered with each one. Identify the tools and parts that you are using as you make each repair. Allow your employees to take notes and ask questions during each demonstration and repeat steps as needed to assist with your employees understanding the basic repairs that you have completed. 

Provide Employees With Reading Material

Print copies of reading material that will help your technicians master skills needed to repair appliances the proper way. Purchase folders and inserters to place the reading material in. Use the inserters to separate the reading material into chapters. Give one folder to each technician and request that everybody look at the reading material at their leisure.

Technicians can also keep the folders on hand during work shifts so that they can refer to the information printed if they come across a problem or have a specific question about a particular appliance. Because inserters are used to separate chapters, employees will be able to easily find information about each type of appliance that they are being trained to repair. 

Oversee Projects

After training your employees, you may be inclined to allow them to begin troubleshooting problems and making repairs. If you oversee projects that are being completed, you can ensure that each technician has grasped the material that you have introduced and is repairing a machine the proper way.

If you have a lot of projects to oversee, hire an assistant to help you with this task. After you feel confident that the technicians are completing job duties correctly, allow your employees to handle projects on their own and periodically check in with each technician to make sure that they are comfortable handling their job responsibilities. 

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25 November 2017

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