How To Scrap A Microwave

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When a microwave dies, you may feel like it's best to simply buy another microwave. You may be able to finally buy that larger microwave you wanted that comes with more features. With the old microwave collecting dust, you might as well make money scrapping it and help the environment as well. A microwave is heavy because there are a lot of components inside that can be sold to a scrapyard. Besides earning money, you may find it fun to see how microwaves are assembled.

Remove The Power Cord

Cut off the power cord. Inside the insulated cord is a copper wire that you can sell to a scrap metal buyer. The insulation can be removed with a razor by slicing open and peeling off the insulation. Another way to remove insulation is to boil the wire. Then, while wearing protective gloves, pull at the insulation to remove it from the wire. The copper can be sold for about $2.50 a pound. 

Unscrew The Back

Screws along the backside and bottom of the microwave can be removed with a drill or screwdriver. The outer shell is usually made out of steel. There is usually insulation inside. This can be removed and placed in the trash. 

Remove The Transformer

A transformer is located near the bottom. Remove this to allow you to access copper wires. These should be removed and placed with wire from the power cord. There may be plastic clips on the ends of the wires that should be removed. 

Remove The Magnetron

The magnetron and transformer should be removed. The magnetron is filled with copper and is responsible for generating the heat. Both the magnetron and transformer can be sold as motor parts if they are still functioning. Or, the copper wire inside the transformer can be cut and removed. When handling the magnetron, be careful not to break the ceramic antennae on the top because this contains dangerous chemicals. The magnetron can usually be sold for $20-60 depending on the condition.

Disassemble The Rest Of The Microwave

Remove the remaining components and place them in a pile, such as the fan. Most of these components will not be useful to a scrapyard. Many of these parts are sold online though, such as panels and the rotating glass. There will be a large capacitor and a small motor that will best be sold as mixed metal. Then, contact a local scrap metal buyer for how to proceed.


20 October 2017

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