Three Reasons Why So Many Storage Facilities Are On The Outskirts Of Town

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Have you ever noticed that storage facilities are often located on the outskirts of town? Very few are located in town unless they are part of an indoor, climate-controlled facility. Do you wonder why that is? Would it not be more convenient to have storage units in town, where everyone lives and works? Of course it would, but there are valid reasons why all of these facilities are located where they are:

1. City Regulations

Lots of cities have specific regulations for storage facilities. Many of these hoops are difficult and expensive to jump through (e.g., commercial zoning required, building permits for non-residential construction, etc.)  It is the most common reason why storage facility proprietors relocate unit buildings outside of the city limits because the regulations are laxer for such properties.

2. More Space, More Units, More Rent

The commercial properties that are available within city limits are often tight and small. They may also have buildings already on them, which means conversion and construction costs. Conversion and construction costs are passed on to renters, which may make the units less affordable and therefore, less attractive.

When proprietors buy up vacant land on the outskirts of town, it is already commercially zoned, ready to build. Usually, the land consists of very large lots. Large lots translate into more units, and more units translate into more monthly rent.

3. Less Risk of Pest Invasion

In the city, especially larger cities, you may have lots of mice, rats and bees because of restaurant and bar garbage. These pests will go wherever they think they can find and build shelter or find food. That includes storage units that are within about a half mile of the nearest dumpster. That puts everyone's belongings at risk in these storage facilities. Even if tenants are not storing anything edible, storing old clothing and blankets is enough to encourage pests to nest. By building far from the city limits, everyone's stuff remains relatively unbothered by pests.

The Benefits to You, the Tenant

Despite the fact that the location of storage facilities is inconvenient, there are benefits. Fewer break-ins occur. Few to no issues with pests are common as well. Some proprietors offer lower rent to encourage renters to consider placing their belongings in a storage facility farther from home. If you plan it just right, you can throw everything in a moving truck and drop it all at once in a storage unit.

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18 September 2017

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