Potential Complications Of A Long-Distance Move

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Handling a long-distance move isn't a walk in the park; complications can easily throw your plans into disarray if you aren't prepared for them. Here are some of those complications:

You May Be Barred From Crossing State Lines without Permits

Most long-distance moves involve crossing state lines. The problem with crossing state lines is that states have different laws, which means what may be legal in one state may be illegal in the next. This means you may need special licenses or permits to move some of your products across a state line. For example, most states require you to get special permits before transporting animals, plants or some types of chemicals. You can easily get stuck on the border if you don't research such things beforehand.

Some of Your Perishables May Go Bad

If you are moving a few miles from your current location, then the risk of experiencing a serious delay is low. Moving hundreds or thousands of miles, however, carry a huge risk of delay. The trucks may break down, you may delay at border crossing points or you may even encounter heavier traffic than you bargained for. In fact, this is why long-distance movers provide a delivery window rather than an exact delivery day or date. All these increases the risk that some of your perishable items may go bad or your house plants may suffer.

Your Packing May Unravel On the Way

Driving over long-distance means that some of your packed boxes may spill their contents when the ropes used to tie them up unravel or their (low-quality) tapes lose their stickiness. Weak boxes may also crumple under the weight of other items and cause costly damages. This is why packing for a long-distance move requires better skills and materials than packing for a short-haul move.

You May Meet Unexpected Costs

Some of the above complications may require additional cash to resolve, which can be disastrous if you didn't budget for them or if you don't have an emergency stash of cash you can dip your hands into. For example, you may have to repack your boxes to prevent further damage or buy emergency permits.

As you can see, a long-distance move isn't something you should handle casually. You need to plan for it properly and ensure that every little aspect of the process benefits from professional handling. Involve experienced, professional long distance movers to enjoy an efficient and stress-free move.


26 July 2017

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