Picking A Good Storage Unit Facility

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Putting your items in storage is a very big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. There are likely family heirlooms and other very precious items that you do not want to lose or have damaged. That is why it is so important that you choose a storage unit that is going to provide the very best service. The good news is that most of the storage units are going to keep your things in a safe environment, but there is no doubt that some storage units are simply better than others. Here are a few thing that you should want out of your storage unit. 


One of the most important things about putting your items in a storage unit is security. It would not be good if you came back and your items had been stolen. Most storage unit facilities are going to take security measures. When you are looking for a potential storage unit facility, be sure that you find one that has good security. Look for a storage unit that has a tall fence with razor ribbon on the top. The storage facility should also only have one way access to keep tabs on anyone that enters. Then you will be surprised how many storage unit facilities utilize security cameras to monitor the safety of the facility. These are all fantastic ways to keep the facility safe and secure.


Something that you need to watch for is water. You should look at the unit you are about to rent and inspect the unit for any type of water. Look at the ceiling and the ground for any signs of water such as rust or water rings. These will let you know if there has been any water in the unit. You also want to be very careful with the water that can simply precipitate out because of the moisture in the air. This can cause a great deal of damage. So, to prevent water damage from moisture in the air be sure to place silicone sticks to absorb the moisture in the air.


Talk with the manager of the facility and get more info about the different pest control plans they have been using. It is very important for the safety of your items that the unit is sprayed on a regular basis to keep all the different pests away. Be sure that the facility that you choose has a pest control policy in place. 


26 July 2017

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