3 Benefits Of Displaying TV's In Your Laundromat

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You might have already spent a lot of money on your laundromat, so you might be thinking about skipping out on buying the big flat-screen TV's that you might have seen in other establishments. However, even though you might have to make a bit of an investment of your own -- and even if you might be a bit jealous of the idea of buying nicer TV's for your laundromat than what you might have in your own home -- the cost just might be worth it. Here's why.

1. Attract More Customers

Depending on the neighborhood, there might be other laundromats in close proximity to yours. If you want to bring in the patrons -- and their quarters -- you're going to want to make sure that you can compete with the other laundromats in the area. If the other places all have TV's and you don't, you might find that your would-be patients will take their laundry elsewhere. On the flip side, if your laundromat is one of the only ones around with TV's -- or if you just have a better cable package -- this can be enough to help you beat out your competitors.

2. Prevent Customers from Leaving During Their Wash and Dry Cycles

Some people decide that it's a good idea to drop off their laundry at the laundromat and then run errands or do something else to keep themselves entertained while their loads are washing. However, if they get held up on their way back or don't do a good job of keeping track of time, this can lead to clothing being left in machines for longer than necessary, which can annoy other patrons. Plus, unattended clothing can be more prone to be stolen. If you have TV's on the walls, though, your patrons might just become interested in what's on and might not be as prone to leave.

3. Keep Kids Entertained

Unfortunately, it can be tough for parents to really keep an eye on their kids when they're fumbling with quarters for the machines and trying to fold their underwear. Plus, laundry day can be boring enough for adults, and it can make kids really restless and cranky. The bad thing about this is that bored kids who have somewhat distracted parents can cause a lot of mayhem in a laundromat, which can cause you and your patrons a lot of problems. If you have TV's in place for them to watch, though, you might find that they'll sit still while their parents are doing laundry. Not only is this a good thing for you, but the parents who are using your machines are sure to appreciate it as well.

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26 July 2017

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