Three Features To Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out

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Whether you are renting a booth at a trade show for the first time or you are simply looking for a new setup to take with you to the next event, a trade show exhibit rental can help you to make a great first impression. To make your booth stand out, you'll want to look for unique features that will make people want to come and see what you have to offer. Here are some of those features you might want to consider.

Seating Area

Make people will feel welcome to linger and talk with your staff if you create a seating area. This can be a simple set of tables and chairs you add to the booth, or you can rent an exhibit design that comes with built-in, bar-style seating. The bar area lets your staff stand while speaking or demonstrating projects while giving potential buyers or clients a place to sit. Arrange the seating area in front of a large-screen television, as this also provides a way for people to rest comfortably while watching promo videos about your products and services.

Reception Lectern

You'll want to have someone standing at the front of the booth to greet people as they walk by, and a reception lectern is the perfect accessory for this task. You can put a custom-printed graphic on the front that calls out your business name, and integrated hidden shelving offers a place to stash promotional items you might be giving away to trade show attendees. Be sure to place plexiglass holders filled with brochures or catalogs about your business so your greeter can quickly hand them out to people who might be interested in your business.

Panel Signage

Panel signage placed at the back of the exhibit booth creates the illusion of a wall, which gives your space the professional business look you want. The sign blocks the view of booths situated directly behind yours to prevent distractions, and it provides a place for you to create an impressive statement. Work with your graphic design team to create images that can go onto the panel signage. These images might include your company name and logo, your newest products, or simply an image that represents what your company is all about. For a dramatic look, use panel signage on three sides of your booth, leaving only the front open for visitors. This creates the illusion of having your very own office space at the trade show.

Your trade show exhibit rental company can work with you to determine which features suit your business best, and you can add custom signs to complete your exhibit space.


25 July 2017

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