Creating An Ice Cream Shop That Attracts The After-School Crowd

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Opening up any type of store means that you need to have a good business plan in place. When opening an ice cream and yogurt shop, you are likely going to have a place that people drop by and leave within the hour. With short, quick trips, you will need to make sure you bring in a number of different clients each day in order to meet your operational budget and still make a profit. If you are opening up an ice cream and yogurt shop, the after-school and weekend crowd will be the most lucrative. Here are some ways to attract after-school snackers and weekend relaxers. 

Offer a discount on several purchases

If you want to get parents to drop by your ice cream shop after school, offer discounts on multiple purchases. You can elect to give discounts on child-size yogurts with the purchase of an adult yogurt. This will encourage parents to bring their children by. Offering a discount between after-school hours, such as 30 percent off between 2 pm and 4 pm, will give parents a chance to get their children from school and stop by for a discounted snack. 

Include cute mementos

Cute mementos are the perfect way to bring in children. Children enjoy receiving free toys, coloring books, and other play items with their food. Along with each child's frozen treat, you can give a frozen yogurt color-changing spoon. A color-changing spoon is cool to look at and will make them think of your frozen yogurt shop when they get home. Be sure to get the name of your shop placed on the spoons so that the children look at their spoon and ask to return to your shop. 

Provide free additions

Ice cream is perfect for some people only when it is in conjunction with a topping such as caramel, gummy bears, or sprinkles. Offer one free add-on to any purchase of yogurt or ice cream to make sure that your guests get exactly what they want. You can also offer ice cream and yogurt packages that allow for a certain number of add-ons. This will allow those who enjoy many different flavors along with their ice cream to receive the mixture that they love. It will also entice those who have always been curious about certain ice cream mixtures to give additional toppings a try. Children who do well in school for the day may head over and be treated to a special dish by their parents. 


25 July 2017

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