3 Tips To Teach Students About Handling Chemicals Safely

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If you are a science teacher or professor, you might bring a lot of chemicals into the classroom. Not only do you probably want to teach your students about these chemicals, what they do and what they are used for, but you probably also want to ensure that your students know how to use the chemicals as safely as possible. These are a few ways that you can teach your students about how to handle chemicals safely.

1. Make Sure That You Lead By Example

As a teacher, you should know that your students aren't just paying attention to what you say -- they are also paying attention to what you do. Therefore, even though you might feel safe handling certain chemicals without taking the proper precautions, you should know that your students might not know the difference. Therefore, it's a good idea to go ahead and use caution when handling any type of chemical. If your students see you following proper safety protocols each time that you handle chemicals, it will help show them just how important it is to follow these safety tips.

2. Teach Students About What Can Happen With Improperly Handled Chemicals

Simply telling your students that chemicals can be dangerous to work with often is not enough. After all, as you might already know, some of the most dangerous chemicals can look and seem quite harmless and can even be quite common for students to get their hands on. If you teach your students about the various things that they need to be worried about when handling chemicals, such as chemical burns, they might just be a bit more serious about being careful when handling chemicals. You can even consider showing videos and reading news stories about the dangers of working with chemicals so that they have a better understanding of why they should take things seriously when handling chemicals.

3. Provide Safety Gear

It's a good idea to make sure that safety goggles, gloves and other safety gear is readily available for your student to use when they are going to be handling chemicals in the classroom. Teach your students about  the proper way of getting prepared to handle chemicals, and make sure that you show them how to use and wear their safety gear. Once your students practice a few times, they may have a better idea of what to do when handling chemicals so that they can stay safe.


24 July 2017

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