Four Things To Consider When Hiring Temporary Construction Workers To Help With A Large Job

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If you own a construction company and need to get a job done within a short period of time, but find yourself short-staffed, consider hiring temporary workers to help you get the job finished on time. There are employment agencies that can find you the right construction workers to suit your specific needs. The following guide walks you through a few things the agency will need to know in order to find you the right workers for the job you need to complete.

Consider What Licenses the Workers Need to Hold

There are some jurisdictions that require workers to hold specific licenses in order to be able to build in that area. You need to let the agency know if the people you want to hire need to have a Class A or Class B contracting licenses or if they need to have a license to operate heavy machinery.

Consider the Timeframe You Need the Individuals to Work

You need to let the agency know what time frame you need the workers available to work. If you plan to work through holidays and weekends, the agency needs to know so that they can only send workers that have the necessary availability.

Consider How Many Workers You Really Need

You need to be sure that you do not hire more workers than you need. Consider the workload that needs to be done and how many people it will take to complete it. If you hire too many workers, you will be paying people unnecessarily, which will be a complete waste of money.

Consider How Much Money You Are Willing to Pay

You also need to take the time to consider how much money you are going to be able to spend to pay the temporary workers. Consider the cost you are paying the agency for their services, as well as how much you can pay each employee when determining how much money you can spend for the temporary help.

The agency will take the time to interview all potential candidates and make sure that they have the licenses or certifications that they need before sending them to you. You need to be available to interview all potential candidates immediately so that the new workers can get to work right away so that the job can be done on time. If you do not like one of the workers that is sent to you, you can let the agency know, and they can replace them with someone else.


21 July 2017

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