Head-Turning Features to Look for When You Shop for a Masquerade Mask

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Upon being invited to your first masquerade ball, your biggest priority is to get a mask for the event. But you don't want just any mask—you want one that offers a considerable wow factor. The biggest attraction to these events is looking at other guests' masks and giving the a chance to see yours, so you definitely want a mask that will turn some heads. Masquerade masks typically contain a wealth of colors and shiny elements that will make your mask stand out from afar.

There are a number of other available features, however, that may help you make you the toast of the event. Here are some that you'll want to look for when perusing Venetian masquerade masks for sale.


Feathers are an enticing feature to look for when you're shopping for a mask for your upcoming masquerade ball. Typically mounted along the upper edge of the mask, colorful feathers can extend upward several inches and add pizzazz to your mask. Sometimes, the feathers will complement a mask that is shaped and patterned after a bird; in other cases, the feathers will simply augment the look of a general mask and make it more snazzy. You may even wish to pair feather-style earrings with the mask to give yourself a truly unique look.


If you look hard, you may be able to find a masquerade mask that includes a selection of small bells on it. This type of feature is prevalent on jester-style masks. The upper part of the mask will contain several curved points that mimic a jester's hat. At the end of each of these points, you'll find a small bell. This element can certainly make you and your mask get noticed. All you'll need to do is give your head a couple shakes and people won't be able to resist turning in the direction of the jingles they hear.


You'll find that many masquerade masks are solid, with the exception of holes for the eyes, mouth, and occasionally the nose. However, if you browse plenty of available choices, you may be able to find a masquerade mask that has a lace component. For example, instead of part of the mask being made of plastic, there may be a section of lace instead. This seductive look can be appealing for many people, especially if you're able to pair it with an outfit. For example, black lace on a mask can work with black lace gloves and a black dress with lace trim.


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