Back To Front: Stacking A Storage Unit For Minimum Time Effort

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If you are unloading your entire home into a storage unit before a move, the one factor that can make unloading easier is how you pack the storage unit. After bringing a truck load or several truck loads of items to the storage unit, you may be tired and ready to get the stacking over with. Though you may want to get the task done as quickly as possible, it is necessary to pack the space the proper way so that it is easy to move back out of the storage unit. Here is a method to the stacking madness of a storage unit:

Place the furniture inside first

The first items that you want to get inside of your storage unit first is the furniture. The furniture will likely need the most space and will need to be stacked carefully. If you have a couch and a love seat, lay the couch down, then turn the love seat upside down and lay it on the couch. They are not able to lay on top of one another, it can be a good idea to turn each on their side and put them in a cube shape in a corner of the back of the unit. 

Dressers and bedding should sit against a wall

After the sofas are placed inside of the unit, you should get started with the rest of the large furniture. Break apart any beds as far as they will go and lean the headboard and other pieces against one of the walls. Place the dressers and any desks or coffee tables that do not break down along the sides as well. Keep the mattresses and box springs against the wall as well. 

Place boxes on top of everything

One of the best ways to get more bang for your buck with storage unit size is to stack the boxes everywhere. Once you have the desks stacked, you should place boxes on top of the desks. Be sure that you do not add more weight than you should to the tops of any coffee tables and smaller stands. Stack the remaining boxes in the center of the room. 

Keep a walking path

If you have a little room left after the placement of your furniture and boxes, you should add a walkway inside of your storage unit. Leaving a walkway towards the back of the unit where the large items may be can allow you to check on your furniture and allow you to load things from the unit into the two with two different groups. A walking path will also make it easy to remove items that you may need before you unpack the entire unit. 

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18 July 2017

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